The Journey

The Journey Continues…

Welcome to Blog #1 (Yippee!) as the Leadership Life-stories journey continues….

The picture to start this post is one of my favorite. Taken on the side of the road in Iceland wandering around the Westfjords, this is one of the best kept secrets of a visit to this far-north country.

I want to use this picture as a symbol of these posts moving forward.

Leadership Life-stories are on a Journey in our Professional and Personal lives. The road seen is looking back at the twists and turns of life that bring us to a moment. In the present we can stop and enjoy the view on the hilltop or even if we are in the valley. The road going to the left of this picture is not yet seen and represents the adventure and growth moving forward.

Looking PAST to MOVE Forward

The Title is intentional because these twice-a-month short blogs are just the next steps in the practice and process of Leadership Life-stories. For me, this journey started over 20 years ago with Robert Greenleaf’s book “The Servant Leader” and a wonderful boss. A chance library encounter with Stephen Dennings book “The Spring Board Story” was next. I’m thankful for the encouragement to think deeper and practice some ideas in my 30’s, so that in my 40’s I could begin helping others. Now in my 50’s my hope is that in the weeks, months, and years to come that we can build a community around the areas of Leadership and Storytelling that helps serve people well.

I define a Leadership Life-stories as:

A formative or fortuitous experience that provides a turning point or nudge of DISCOVERY in life. This Leadership moment is reflected on to DEVELOP a new meaning and then shared with others and DELIVERED through a story.

There are three important areas that make up this definition:

  • Turning Point in Life: These moments identify WHAT happened for us to grow or learn about leadership – positive or negative. Formative moments can be: taking a class, reading a biography, or listening to a speech focused on Leaders or Leadership. Fortuitous moments bubble up during our normal days of life. Maybe a short quote or conversation with new insight through can provide a jumping off point for new thoughts and actions.

For me, a summer job dumping asphalt on roads at 19-years old provides a cornerstone perspective that I still use today. Turning points provide a building block and an “Ah-Ha” moment in Leadership thought or action that can be built on.

  • Reflection and New Meaning:  Reflection looks back on an experience to develop a message and meaning. This exciting action step makes us human. Individuals can take time to pause, breath, take in the view and explore WHY these moments of Leadership are important.

My summer job on the roads helped me learn that I can stand on my values, learn from others that hold different values, and still make an impact, and have FUN through the experience.

  • Shared through a Story: This is the fun part of the Leadership Life-story journey. Stories engage body, mind, and soul to create a shared and sacred space. As a faithful communicator, I can use descriptive words that create vivid pictures that engage emotions. Additionally, when I listen to your story, I’m transported to another time and place. I’m primed to learn from you and grow in my own life.

What do I want you to do?

My hope is that you are inspired to take a step in your own Leadership journey through Leadership Life-stories. Hopefully, we can build a community and work together and aspire together to Make a Difference in the lives of those around us through storytelling.

I’m currently writing a book tentatively titled: Leadership Life-stories: Building Shalom in a Broken World and taking baby-steps to build a community.

Do you want in?

I’ve set up a Private Facebook page to begin building a community. I see this as an opportunity to share insights, tips, and tricks about Leadership and Storytelling. I’ll post insider content as the book continues to develop and to serve you as you develop your Leadership Life-story journey.

Additionally, please invite those you know who might be interested to visit the website: and sign up for this twice-a-month blog.

I’d love to join you and your team to engage the Power of Storytelling in your Business or Organization. How can we work together to engage Leadership Life-stories?

Let the Journey continue……

Let's Connect

One of my strongest passions is connecting with others and hearing their stories. Even if we never work together, I’d still love to meet you, learn more about you, and hear some of your unique experiences.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, future friend. 

Chris Hamstra

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